Question about the recent VW scandal

The aim of this written assignment, worth 20% of your final mark, is to initially identify and frame an organizational development and change problem, carry-out an investigation and plan and describe your findings, including possible or suggested solutions. The assignment provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your own knowledge and skills (i.e. your own specific KSAOs on dealing with OD&C issues).

Please plan for and allow time for each stage of the written work (such as introduction, investigation and writing-up stage) so that you can have enough time for re-iterations and proof-reading.
The final project report will be about 2 to 3 pages (about 350 to 500 words) and have a coherent structure, written in good academic English, with references and footnotes, as necessary. Please choose a clear font and formatting and stay with font size 11 or 12 for the main text. The assignment report will be handed-in via Blackboard, by around 21st November.

Organizational development & change Assignment Question:

VW has faced major difficulties since the middle of September 2015. What can the Organizational Development Team at VW plan and do for now, next few months and the year ahead, to learn from this incident and improve the internal operations of the organization. In your answer, first try to identify, diagnose and frame the problem, as you see it, and then offer a suitable intervention and suggestion.


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