Radical Gender Politics in 18th century readings.

This is the prompt for this essay:
“Is there radical politics to be found in these eighteenth-century writings by women? We’ve seen that on the surface the Bluestockings take a quieter, more conservative approach to the discussion of women’s status than does Wollstonecraft; but is there a way to excavate from their writings a politics that anticipates Wollstonecraft’s urgent calls for reform at the level of nation and policy?”

I already started the essay (1 page). My thesis statement is in “bold” in the first paragraph. You will be using 3 sources. I will provide all three sources for you. You need to cite from each source at least one time, and the quotes have to be related to the thesis statement. Also you need to show how similar or different the works are but how they produce the same effect.

It maybe be hard to bring about the radicalism in the Bluestockings because it may seem that they are working against feminism but one has to read closely to see the radicalism. For example, with Barbauld’s “One female Studies” she seems as if she is dismissing all the things women shouldn’t learn because men are learning it and it is not allowed, but one could go so far as to say that a young girl of this time would know what she can and cannot learn and therefore Barbauld would be wasting her time repeating this list, and therefore maybe she is trying to show how unfair it is, how much of a gap in education a young girl receives in comparison to a young male. Maybe it was her way of bringing up this awareness. and Maybe the issue was so serious that she had to be cautious with what she was going to teach about as if not to seem to radical.


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