Realising the professional self in nursing practice.

Realising the professional self in nursing practice.

Part 1
•    Analyse the video “Crossing professional boundaries as a registered nurse”,( )
and identify as many professional practice anomalies as possible. From the list below, choose one area of professional practice that you identified in the video as being disregarded by the nurse in the video.
Using a wide range of quality literature, critically discuss in detail the chosen professional practice area in relation to the anomalies from the video and demonstrate how these anomalies may impact negatively on both the patient’s care and the nurse’s professional image. (1500 words)

1.    ?Therapeutic relationships (patient centered care) ?
2.    Professional behavior’s, attitudes & presentation ?
3.    Demonstrating respect and maintaining dignity for patients (Code of Ethics) ?
4.    Professional communication & collaboration. ?

Part 2
•    Choose 2 literary sources that you felt were valuable to this paper. Write an annotated bibliography of 250 words for each source (i.e. two annotated bibliographies) and attach to the back of your paper. Write one short paragraph explaining why you believe that these 2 literary sources were valuable to this piece of assessment. (500 word), (2 literary sources that was used discuss part 1) and can I also get those 2 literature source (i.e. journals that was used to write the annotated bibliography)

Use a separate page for the reference list. Alphabetical order; no numbering. ?(I need reference in detail with all information’s and I need references for the past 5 years and literature that is relevant and up to date)
•    Bullet points and numbering is not appropriate format for this essay. ?
•    Line spacing: at least 1.5; Font size: 12; Font type: Arial. ?
•    Minimum of reference 15-20 quality sources to allow you to write a critical discussion for this paper. These should be highest available quality reference should be in detail with all website address, page number and in APA 6 style.

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