Reflection About Galapagos Island

External students are required to source or view interpretative material from a tourism or natural area site (for example visit a national park or conservation area and view or participate in an interpretative experience or review a brochure). Based on this experience you are to reflect on the interpretative material and messages based on the following course concept. Your discussion may also include personal reflections on your experience and how your views may have changed or been confirmed by the interpretative experience.

Course concept: Environmental education and interpretation

You are to take note and consider the methods of communication used. Using examples (photos, drawings or description) reflect on the role of interpretation and its contribution to natural/cultural resource management at the site. Your response may reflect on the impact of management objectives and priorities, for example how the interpretation may differ between an ecotourism property, a local government conservation area and a world heritage national park. Your responses should also include some discussion of the literature to support your observations.

Therefore, your submitted work will include images or description of the interpretative experience, key learning from the interpretation, reference to the literature and present an overall reflection on course concepts to date. p(6).

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