reflection on placement

Reflective report


The clinical reflective report should be a report demonstrating consistent reflection on experiences and learning throughout the clinical placement. You are required to comment and reflect upon 1 experience or behaviour gained/observed during your clinical replacement. You are to describe the event and then reflect upon the behaviours of staff, along with your own performance and interaction(s) a word limit of 1000 words and references must be APA style.

, you are required to draw on experience gained in your clinical placement, as well as from contemporary literature/research. You are to select an examination that has required adaptive technique and that YOU have been involved with during your clinical block. You are required to use imaging evidence (similar images maybe used from reputable/valid referenced sources if your images are unavailable

In regard to the examination selected,

  • discuss how the diagnostic examination has contributed to the overall management of that patient, and how YOU, the beginning practitioner, have effectively optimised image quality for this examination, and
  • reflect upon the examination and discuss what you would ‘do differently’ or ‘adapt’ should a similar examination be undertaken in future clinical placements; do you need to learn more, or gain higher level of skills in any areas in order to perform this role for example. Explain in detail

( my placement was 5 weeks, first week in operating theatre and second in general x-ray then emergency department and some days in CT scan and angio and MRI. I had experience in operating theatre ( bronchoscopy, ERCP and lab chole ) in general x-ray ( over weight patient, infection patient) emergency( trauma patient) )




Reflection Related to own skills and ability, with full reflection.


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