Reflection on Public Policy Participation Experience

•It must be a meeting open to the general public
•It must relate to health (but a broad definition of health applies here)
•It must relate to policy or politics
• Take notes during the meeting on what you observe: See attached template Preview the document View in a new window for a handy set of cues to look for, but remember, each event will have unique things and people to pay attention to.
• After the event, spend time reflecting on what you observed. Try to give yourself a bit of time to think about the experience before you turn this in.
•Submit assignment online. Complete the reflection questions and turn in both your notes and reflections

Assignment requirements:
•Strict page limit, 3 pages, double-spaced. (It is harder to write “short” than long.)
•Please spell and grammar check before submitting.
•Turn It in is enabled for this assignment. Please work independently on the template and reflection questions for this assignment but feel free to share your insights about the experience with others.
•This is not to be a paper. Please use the template to organize your observations and then to answer the reflection questions.


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