Regional Extension Centers

The subject of this paper is Healthcare IT. The topic of this paper is Regional Extension Centers. It will discuss every thing about Regional Extension Centers such as:
What it is?
What is the idea behind RECs? (Purpose)
What is the History of RECs?
What are the objectives of RECs?
What services RECs provide?
How it works?
Why does it exist?
How Healthcare providers benefit from?
What role RECs play?
How it’s related to Electronic Medical Records?
How is it related to Meaningful use?
How much refunds RECs get?
What are advantages and dis advantages of RECs?
In which way RECs should help healthcare system in the country?
What difficulties and barriers RECs face?
What are drawbacks and negative sides of RECs?
How will RECs affect the future of healthcare system?
What is the effectiveness of RECs?

– You need to include an executive summary of 300 words at the end of the paper.
– These are only examples of what will be discussed in this paper. You need to discuss all topics and opinions about RECs.

– You need to focus in the last part of the paper on difficulties, negative sides, drawbacks, and criticisms (if there any.)

– You need to be deep, specific, and clear.
– Please use the simplest language as much as possible.
– You need to use at least 5 sources.

Again, questions above are just examples of what this paper will discuss, so please try cover as many areas regarding this topic as possible.


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