relative impact of ethnicity

relative impact of ethnicity

Discuss the relative impact of ethnicity in shaping life chances in society Explore your findings with reference to the work of health promotion/public health. (Specifically black and other minority ethnic i.e BME group in the UK)

1 introduction to ethnicity and race, health inequalities and equity
2 statistics / population of BME in the UK (2011 census)
3 How ethnicity affects health i.e Factors that influence health inequalities in the BME
a) High rate of poverty
b) Low income from employment among migrant workers
c) Language barrier / lack of information
d) Attitude to care
4 Reports on the impact of ethnicity on health inequalities
a) Black report 1980
b) Acheson report 1998
c) Marmot report 2010
5 Policies to tackle inequalities in health among BME in UK
6 Government white papers to tackle inequalities in health
7 Recommendations in relation to the Public health outcomes framework


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