relativism and utilitarianism

relativism and utilitarianism

1.What are the basic issues that make consequential (relativism and utilitarianism) moral reasoning so difficult to apply? What are the strengths of the consequential reasoning.

2.Use our ethical theories to discuss the ethics in the following statement. Since a college education is needed to get the same kind of opportunity that a high school education provided 100 years age and we have always publicly paid for high school, we should provide free college to all students who are willing to maintain passing grades.

3.What limits, if any are necessary relative to sexual expression to include same sex relationships, pornography, monogamy, and prostitution ? Why?

4. Ethically speaking, what is appropriate to ask people to give up in order to protect animal rights?

5. Population and industrialization put tremendous strains on the environment. What are the primary ecological concerns facing the world? How should they be resolved?

6. What is the most critical ethical issue facing the US today. How should it be resolved? Why?

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