Report on an existing domestic building

Individual report (40%) with Turnitin report

You are to produce a report on an existing domestic building, preferably the house you live in or are very familiar with. Using whatever legal means you can, you are to investigate and report on: 

a)One realistic way of improving the ‘green’ credentials of your property..

b) You need to consider for each component part of construction chosen:

Elements (e.g. outer wall, cavity, inner wall) 
Materials (e.g. bricks, blocks, concrete, etc.)
Products (e.g. wall tie, dpc, lintel, etc.)

You need to consider how your property can meet the general thrust of the approved documents. You can illustrate the report amplified with sketches and notes. The brief notes should describe the requirement that each photograph is evidencing but should not be verbatim copies of the Approved Documents of the building regulations

c)One of the services connected to it. 
Internal services installations: should include entry to the building, distribution, equipment, interface with the structure, materials and function/principles of operation. 

d)2 drawings CAD or hand inked drawn: 

1 floor plan Scale 1:100 A3 
& 1 section detail Scale 1:50 A4. 

e)5 annotated photographs. 5 photographs should illustrate the report amplified. The brief notes should describe the requirement that each photograph such as elevation details or component parts. 


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