Report – Workplace Inspection

Occupational Health and Safety Law

In this unit students are introduced to various occupational safety and health concepts and are encouraged to develop the skills and knowledge required to make workplaces safer and healthier. Occupational safety and health is explored from an international perspective and in a variety of global industries. Learning outcomes In this unit, you will be learning to:

1. Describe the history of occupational safety and health; 2 HST1154 Occupational Health and Safety Law (2015)

2. Critically review the legal framework for occupational safety and health in Australia;

3. Discuss factors influencing the development of Occupational Safety and Health law;

4. Identify areas of compliance and non-compliance;

5. Develop proactive strategies to achieve compliance with the relevant occupational safety and health requirements; and

6. Apply relevant occupational health and safety legislation locally and internationally. Graduate attributes Graduate attributes help to build your capacity to engage in professional practice and become a lifelong learner when you graduate.

In this unit, you will be developing your: · Ability to communicate, · Ability to work in teams, · Critical appraisal skills, · Ability to generate ideas, and · Cross-cultural and international outlook. Teaching and learning On-campus students If you are enrolled as an on-campus student you will need to attend a weekly lecture. You will meet your lecturer at the first class. It is important that you attend class every week and make an effort to contribute to in-class discussions and participate in the activities. You may find it beneficial to complete the associated reading prior to attending class, to give you some understanding of the topic and improve your confidence with sharing your ideas during class. Please arrive punctually and switch off your mobile phone before entering the class. Learning materials and resources will be available on the Blackboard site for this unit, to assist you with your studies. Further information about your studies in this unit will be provided during your first class. Online students The teaching and learning approach in the online version of this unit is aligned with the learning offered to on-campus students. The intention is to ensure that you have a rich and engaging learning experience incorporating online engagement and independent learning. You should use the suggested readings and other resources to assist you with developing your understanding of the content. You will also need to draw upon your own knowledge, opinions and discussions with other students. Learning materials for this unit are available on the Blackboard site for this unit, under the Learning Modules link (written hereafter as Blackboard > Learning Modules).


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