Reproductive techonlogy and the politics of social control

For your final essay:

Must read article and answer questions 1 and 2.
just answer the questions in essay form dont include introduction nor conclusion.

You must have an introduction presenting your main argument or thesis in answering the questions on the text.

You must break up your subpoint in paragraphs which constitute the body of your essay.

You must have a conclusion to wrap up your work.

You must have your (minimum 2) source(s) on a separate page in APA format.

If working on the text requiring the elaboration of a table, please attach to your essay on a separate piece of paper, typed.

A cover page IS NOT REQUIRED. Save the trees!

The presentation of each exercise should be typed, and done according to the APA style of presentation and referencing;

Pages must be numbered;

The text should be typed using the TIMES or ARIAL font, size 12;

Your text should be double spaced;

(Please use the template provided)

Spelling and grammar errors will cost you .2 of a point, regardless of the total points of the assignments.

When correcting the assignment, the instructor will be looking for specific elements:

That the student has indeed read the text and understood it;

That the student uses sociological concepts and vocabulary;

That the students answer the question or questions asked in a pertinent, scholarly fashion.

DUE: the last day of classes: Check Omnivox!

Ruth Schwartz Cohen OR Eileen B. Leonard: confirmed Nov. 12th by MIO
Appointments confirmed in class, latest Nov. 23rd.

A news article published in 2015 MUST be selected as a second source. Opinion pieces, rubriques, blogs or magazines do not apply.
Students are required to draw a minimum of two parallels OR contrasts between points made re. society and/or culture in the text they’ve chosen and the events reported in the news article they’ve chosen: this can be done in any subpoint of the essay. Details regarding content will be addressed during individual student appointments.

The news article that i choose is this:


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