Research methodology
This is where all research related to criminology and criminal justice that has been funded by the federal government is published.Often, this research will be evaluating some policy or program. For each study provide the following information and answer the following questions:
1) What is the exact citation of the research (e.g. authors, title, etc.). 
2) What research question did the authors attempt to address?
3) How was the sample obtained for the study?
4) Exactly how were the variables measured? For example, if they measured recidivism, exactly how did they measure it? 
5) Did they conduct an experiment? If so, what type of experiment? Exactly how was the design set up?
6) What were their findings? 
7) Do they make causal statements about the relationship between any variables? If so, how do they justify these causal claims?
8) Do they acknowledge any limitations of their research? If so, what are they? 

You can turn in this assignment in a WORD file. 
**do not use BJS studies they must be experiments and must not be descriptive studies. need to evaluate some program or study with elaborate answers. must be actual studies.


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