Research of reinforcement of the traditional gender-specific roles assigned to both men and women

Your assignment is to: research evidence that reinforces the traditional gender-specific roles assigned to both men and women.
1. Discuss the influence of social construction in the formation of gender norms.
2. Apply this topic using the various sociological theories (functionalist, conflict, symbolic- interactionist).
3. How has this changed over the last 25 years?
4. How do various agents of socialization influence gender roles and expectations?
5. How do these roles vary from a global perspective?
6. Complete a brief article review (of the resources you’ve found; websites, articles, journals.) Discuss the information contained in the source; how helpful was it? How did you use this information in your paper? These articles should be related to gender roles. Discuss the information they contain. (Can be related to the workplace, media influence, cultural difference, etc.) How helpful were they in your research? Articles can be from online newspapers, journals. Should not include online encyclopedias. This portion of the paper should consist of at least a paragraph (or two) reviewing each source.

Requirements for the article review: Find at least 2 resources (online articles or journals).
This paper should be at least 8 pages in length (not including citation or cover page), typed and double-spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins. Please be sure to cite your sources (APA or MLA format: throughout your paper and include a works cited page). An abstract is not required.


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