Research on Infancy Chapter 4 on the Book Human Development a culture Approach Jeffrey Jensen Anett

To offer opportunities to expand your knowledge of scientific process and of psychology as a social science.
To challenge you to think critically about practical application of academic concepts related to development.
To enhance your understanding of applicable concepts through the opportunity to discuss the concepts with your group members and teach them to others.
The group will work together to read and understand the “Research Focus” section of their chapter.
Using these sources along with additional enhancing resources (such as videos or similar) construct a presentation-style project that can be viewed online. It can be in a format of your choosing. For example you could write and film a script, you could use a prezi or a power point, you could create a website, and so on.
This is Researched Presentation Pictures, Video, Slides
The requirements are:

That you explain the original “Research Focus” from the book and ultimately show the difference between applying that research focus topic to more than one developmental period. For example, TV watching habits at 4 years old and 14 years old.
There must be evidence of critical thinking in the form of “How” questions (such as “how did they reach that conclusion?”) or “Why” questions (such as “Why did they construct the study in this way?”)
Must include appropriate use of and definition of any psychological or research vocabulary.
You must work together as a group and all members must contribute equally and complete peer reviews which are due with your presentation upload.

Feel free to be creative. I’m interested to see what you come up with.


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