Research Skills Assignment

Research Skills Assignment

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Assessment 2 requires you to produce a research proposal of no more than 1,500 words. You will be required to adapt the research techniques discussed in the assignment that i am going to upload to meet the requirements of a scenario you will be given in order to produce a commercial proposal to an organisation.

The proposed work is as follows:
• You will be given a specific scenario in which an organization has a requirement for research.
• You will have to use the literature acquired during your first assignment to identify and use suitable academic theory and findings from which to base a considered approach
• You need to produce a detailed proposal
• You should address the following issues in your review:
o Propose a solution drawing on literature with closely argued reasoning
o An explanation of the methods/ techniques to be used including a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses
o Why your suggested method / technique is suitable in terms of the benefits to the organisation
o The generalisability of results obtained using your method / technique
o An outline project plan identifying the steps required to realize the project in detail with estimated timings

Guidelines and Additional Information
• This is an advocacy document. You need to clearly explain why your recommended approach is appropriate, and what the benefits to the organization will be.
• Your report will be well presented and logically organized.
• Good clear presentation using an appropriate structure demonstrating effort to communicate effectively is essential and will result in higher grades.
• Use of the Harvard referencing style for citing references – see is mandatory. This not only applies to the bibliography but also to in-text references. This is a major attribute of the Learning Outcome of this unit.

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