Research Structure: Sexualisation of women in newspapers/tabloids

1. Project Structure 30%
This is the project structure, which should take the form of a clear and concise project proposal that includes the following information (you may wish to adopt these headings):

• Title
• Summary of topic 
• Research question or thesis or aims of the project
• Literature review – a discussion of the key texts in the field and how they will be drawn on in your study
• A discussion of the conceptual framework and theories which you will use
• As discussion of the research method you will employ
• Ethical considerations if there are any
• Bibliography of between 8-10 key academic texts is ideal (not included in word count)
Overall, you are expected to identify a case study topic, related to any aspect of tabloid culture and popular journalism. You are expected to demonstrate that you can draw on the concepts and debates raised in the module, in set reading and in your independent reading and apply these to your own example(s). If you are struggling to find a topic review the course content, the reading lists, the recommended viewing and the discussions which we have had in class as these might provide inspiration. The structure is important because this is where you demonstrate that you have a viable project, that you have found relevant reading and you know how to deploy it in writing your own project of 3000 words. Remember when you write the structure that the project takes the form of a case study as outlined in the lecture in week 1. See below for a reminder:


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