resilient households and businesses

resilient households and businesses

Answer the below 4 questions with a minimum of 500 words each
1. Explain how resilient households and businesses, including critical infrastructure owners and operators, support the economic and social recovery of communities.
2. The National Mitigation Framework states, “Mitigation is the thread that permeates the fabric of national preparedness” (DHS, 2013, p. 3). Address both of the following topics:
• Demonstrate how mitigation activities before disasters as well as after disasters can increase resilience.
• Discuss when it is appropriate to develop multi-hazard mitigation plans and when to develop a hazard- or threat-specific mitigation plan.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security. (2013). National mitigation framework. Retrieved from
3. In your small city’s Office of Emergency Management, you are responsible for the Logistics Section under the Incident Command System. This includesmobilizing and demobilizing resources. Describe the concept of operations for managing these two activities effectively during a moderately large disaster. Include in your discussion how you would work with the other members of the ICS structure.
4. Your state has funded a new program under the Office of Emergency Management to assist local jurisdictions improve their plans for protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. You are the state’s Planning Advisor and you will be piloting a program around gaps in planning assumptions. You and your staff are tasked with uncovering unstated as well as bad or false assumptions.
• Explain the kinds of information or evidence your team should request from a jurisdiction to see if the jurisdiction is finding and documenting problems with assumptions in the various kinds of plans.
• For each type of plan (protection, mitigation, response, and recovery), identify at least 2 missing / bad assumptions that your team should look for. (NOTE: For this answer, use information from the course, your imagination, and common sense, rather than doing formal research to find 4 plans and their assumptions to critique.)
• Then, briefly explain how to improve problems with the assumptions.


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