Respiratory Assessment Essay – Discuss this statement and its significance on patient outcomes

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“According to Parkes (p. 12, 2011), “despite their importance, respiration rates are documented less often than other vital signs.”

Studies reveal that some nurses do not believe a respiratory assessment is essential on every patient admitted into a healthcare facility.

Discuss this statement and its significance on patient outcomes. In your answer, you should explain why nurses neglect respiratory assessments, what you have observed in the clinical setting and how nurses can be educated on the importance of undertaking a respiratory assessment.”

For this assessment, you are required to write an essay to discuss this statement. Your essay should include the following:

An introduction that addresses the key discussions you will be undertaking in the essay.

The body of the essay which should include the importance of respiratory assessments, why nurses do not consider them a priority, do not routinely perform them, and what can be done to address this problem.

This section should also include what you have observed on clinical placement to support your stance.

A conclusion that summarises your discussion and brings the essay to a logical end. A conclusion should not end with a long quote or introduce new material.

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