Response Paper

This paper is meant to synthesize course materials. You do not need to address all the readings, films, and lectures, but should integrate as much material as possible (it must be clear you are doing the work, understand it, and can think critically beyond it). Paper should summarize main themes succinctly and on-point, and engage in analyses. Analyses might consider: What is compelling, or what is confusing? Why might that be, and how can you make sense of it by drawing from class sources? What does this work add to the discourse on urban phenomena? Beware: There is a thin line between analysis and personal feelings or opinion. The paper must be intellectually driven and engage with ideas raised in the course. Papers that only address lecture, not enough readings, do not adhere to the minimum word count, forgo either summary or analysis, or are late will automatically receive a failing grade. Lecture note is included in additional materials.Try to write a structured, analytical paper that combine four of the readings in one essay.

Textbook: Loyalka, Michelle. 2013. Eating Bitterness: Stories from the Frontlines of China’s Great Urban Migration. Berkeley: University of California Press.
DO NOT copy online book description.

Film: China Rises: City of Dreams. Neil Docherty, Director. 2006
Film: 24 City. Jia Zhangke, Director. 2010
Use ONE OF THESE TWO film as resources too.


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