Ripping Off Young America: The College Loan Scandalby Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone from August 15, 2013

Read: “Ripping Off Young America: The College Loan Scandal” by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone from August 15, 2013.

Read the 10 part series: “The Tuition is Too Damn High” by Dylan Matthews in The Washington Post from August 26, 2013.

Read: Bureau of Labor and Statistics Data on Earnings and Unemployment rates by educational attainment

Explore: Google: Bureau of Labor and Statistics National Employment Matrix. Here, you can look at data on occupations and industries.

Read: Occupational Employment and Wages News Release. Here, you can find occupations that are emerging or new, many that are high-paying occupations.

Explore: Bureau of labor Statistics May 2012 Occupational Profiles

Explore: Pima’s office of Institutional Research has just posted on the website an Environmental Scan. It has some interesting info. If you make it past page 12 -13, you can see some salaries for some occupational programs. Some of the info in this document may help you. Note, this is one of the rare occaisions when a website has a page number because when you open the file through the url, there are page numbers. Just want to point out that this is one of the rare occaisions in case you decide to use info for any of your assignments.

Discussion 2: Worth 140 points, word count: 350

Initial Post Due by 5 pm on the deadline;
2 Responses Due by 5 pm on the deadline.
Deadlines and word counts are provided on the Calendar.

Answer all of the Questions.

Number each part of your response to earn credit for each part. Correctly numbered and fully explored parts of the post will earn 20 points. Parts not correctly numbered or fully explored will earn as few as zero points.
The correct MLA format Works Cited entry for the article is worth 5 of the 20 points for parts 1, 2, 3a, and 3b.
There is an example of a strong discussion submission that shows how to format with the numbers and the WC entries in the module. You may want to take a look at it before you write your discussion post.
1. What’s Taibbi’s argument?

What were three surprising points he makes?
What were you surprised by in the readers’ comments?
What do you think?
Remember, any sentence that has info from the source must have in-text citation info.
2. What’s Matthews’ argument?

What were 3 surprising points he makes?
What do you think?
Note: There are 10 parts to Matthews’ argument.
If you are citing from 3 of those, then you will have 3 Works Cited citations. There is a way to document more than one source from an author. Look at the OWL for multiple sources from one author. Check out the Sample Works Cited page. Hint: instead of the author’s name, you will use —.

3a and 3b. What other information is out there?

Find 2 articles that discuss student loans and
Write a P for each–label them 3a (your article selection 1) and 3b (your article selection 2). Include in your P:
what the argument is and
what you feel about the article—do you agree or disagree and why.
If you directly quote info, place it in quotation marks and provide the correct in-text citation information.

4. After reading these articles and conducting a little bit of research, what do you think?

If you were discussing this topic with Taibbi and Matthews at a party, what do you think he got right or that he missed or neglected in this piece?
How does data you found at the BLS affect what you think?
5. MLA formatted Works Cited entries for

Matthew’s article(s) If you cite from more than 1, you will need the specific citation from each.
Taibbi’s article in the Online version of Rolling Stone
Two additional articles
Any information you cite from the governmental documents.
If you have cited from anything else.
6. Write 2 Responses: Each worth 20 points when fully explored.

Discuss what the other student found, thought, etc.
Remember, we are discussing ideas, and write with respect and collegiality.
Consider framing your response with words like: I agree with X and Y. I disagree with Q & P. I see what you are saying about A, but I feel B because of —.
The goal is to explain your thinking.
Grading: I realize that is difficult to format the citation with double spacing and indenting all lines after the first in a discussion post; so, what I am looking for is the correct info, in the correct order, with the correct punctuation and spacing.


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