Risk Management Plan for " Dubai Water Canal Project " in Dubai Risk Management Plan for " Dubai Water Canal Project " in Dubai

1) Page 1 / Introduction (Case Overview) 
*Introduction about “Dubai Water Canal Project”
2) Risk Management Process including:
*Page 2 & 3 / Risk Identification for the project at page 2 and the “Work breakdown structure for Dubai water Canal” and Prioritization and categorization for the Work, Moreover the WBS should be implemented as a chart at page 3

3) Page 4, 5 , and 6 ; these pages should be contained the Risk analysis for the project (How big is the risk?) Please use Quantitative Method for the Risk Analysis which means you have to find the probabilities and the consequences and list them in separate tables as p1 , p2 ,p3 and c1 , c2 ,c3 and use them to find the risk factor by using this equation Now, from the system engineering risk management, the Risk Factor (RF) is calculated as follows:

Risks should be prioritized by their level of importance. 
4) Page 7 / this page should be contained Risk Mitigation Planning for the project
5) Page 8 / this page should be contained Risk Mitigation Plan Implementation for the project
6) Page 9 / this page should be contained Risk Tracking for the project


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