Roark, James The American Promise: A Concise History; Vol 1 to 1877; 5th edition

this is the questions for my final test:

I.Short Answer Terms: 50 pts. Choose FIVE and give a brief 4-5 sentence answer describing what the term is and why it is significant. Grammar and Spelling Count! 10 pts each.

i have chosen these terms and each term should be minimum 4 sentences

– Cotton Gin
– Nativism
– Eli Whitney
– Underground railroad
– US Sanitary Commission

this is the second question.

II.Essay Questions: Answer ONE question in a full 5 paragraph essay. Grammar and Spelling Count! Use the text, class notes, group discussion notes, research notes, etc to prepare your answers. 50 pts. Please cite if you use any sources outside of the classroom.

this essay should be minimum 5 paragraphs

•Describe Andrew Jackson’s response to the “Indian problem” during his presidency. How did his policies revise or continue earlier federal policies toward Native Americans? How did Native Americans respond to Jackson’s actions?


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