Roles of an Ally


Be sure to craft a tightly-written thesis statement to focus your essay.
For full credit, make sure to have proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and to properly apply in-text APA format (paper formatting and APA in-text citations) when integrating the book readings, web readings, and web videos into your essay.

Do not use outside sources to answer these questions. Again, bring only the book readings, web readings, and web videos from the course (all four weeks) into your essay.
Well-supported papers will incorporate a wide range of course materials.
Be sure to fully answer all parts of the question(s) being asked.
Avoid merely summarizing the information from our course materials in your paper. Instead, provide analysis of how the SOC 350 material specifically supports your response to the exam question.


Based on course readings, what is the role of an ally and why is this important for social changes in regard to inequality? Select one group in the U.S. society (past or present) in which an ally was significant in bringing about change for this group to discuss in detail. Make sure to clearly identify in your answer who the ally was and discuss their actions as related to the group you selected.

TEXTBOOK: Race, Class and Gender in the United 
States by Paula Rothenberg. 9th edition


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