Ronald Farrar Resume

Before you begin this Discussion, review the “Partnership of Career Services” and “Post Graduate Career Search- It Takes Work to Find Work” presentations. 

Create a resume or CV that reflects all you have accomplished in your time here at Kaplan, including any work experience that you feel might apply to your focus in health science. You may want to review the following presentations in the Writing Center: Writing Resumes and Creating Winning Resumes and Portfolios. 

Look up some job descriptions that you find interesting; what are employers looking for? What have you worked on in your classes that prepared you to work for these employers? Review your degree plan; what specific Assignments have you completed where you gained professional experience? Have you created professional presentations, or used research methods? Think about your strengths and focus on those as you create your resume or CV.
I’m Graduating in June with my Bachelors in Health Science
I have an associates in Respiratory Therapy.
I’m in the process in getting admitted inot P.A School(Physician Assistant.
I’ve been working as a Respiratory therapist for over 15 years.


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