ROTATING UNBALANCE (Blaancing of rotating mass )

ROTATING UNBALANCE (Blaancing of rotating mass )
Learning outcomes:
1.To communicate technical information using written and graphical techniques.
2.To analyse the results and discuss appropriately
3.To be able to critically assess the experiment done by the student.
You should use your own data generated during the lab session.
Report Structure
The following structure is for guidance only. It is fully appreciated that depending on your particular experiment, the structure may vary.

• No • Item • Marks (%)
• 1 • Introduction • 5
• 2 • Aims and Objectives • 5
• 3 • Methodology and Theory • 10
• 4 • Results: Tables and
• Graphs • 25
• 5 • Discussion • 35
• 6 • Conclusion • 15
• Total • 95
• 5% is for overall presentation

•Report size: Do not make it too big! Maximum size should be SEVEN A4typewritten pages excluding graphs etc.
•This should be a formal report.


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