Rotational Inertial Lab

You must turn in a formal report next week for the Rotational Inertial Lab. Some comments below might help you write a better report

The Theory portion should show how you can use the time required for a given mass to fall some distance can be used to calculate the angular acceleration and the Torque due to the mass. Also explain how you can graph these quantities to get the Rotational Inertia (I) and the Torque due to friction

Show a sample calculation showing how you used the time, mass and falling distance to get the Torque and the angular acceleration.

Show units for each quantity when doing your calculations

Pay attention to significant figures in all calculations. Do not overestimate or underestimate the number of SigFigs

Use Excel to graph your data including a best fitting straight line (trend line) with the equation for the line on the graph.

note :
find I and theoretically ,Tf
the conclusion discuss about uncertainty T average and uncertainty In DeltaX

The images in the board is the guideline for writing the lab report.


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