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This is an individual report.

You are allowed to work in groups in preparing your research but the submission must be individual.

You will be presented with a business problem facing a company.

You will use appropriate problem solving methods to identify the key issues and to propose a realistic solution to the problem.

The problem will be one that is complex and will require understanding and resolution from many business perspectives.

You must draw on your learning from different business perspectives (studied in previous and current units).

The problem (which may be a positive issue and not merely negative) will be one that has been given to you by one of our business partners and is thus a real issue.

You will be presented with the problem in weeks 11 and 12 of the unit where you will work in class to fully understand what are the terms of the problem and the expectations of the business partner.

The emphasis of this project will be on using the skills developed in assignment 1 and on understanding the problem from multiple perspectives and producing a solution that may integrate a variety of business approaches and disciplines.

You should take careful note of the process involved in this assignment as it will form the basis of your reflection in Assignment 3

Threshold standards for this assignment:

Demonstrate an ability to structure a complex project in which you use academically derived concepts to produce realistic solutions

***You should be prepared to present or answer on the following:
a) Sources of information
b)Customers information and analysis
c) Competitor analysis
d) Business Models
e) Tools and frameworks used or to be used
f) Some thoughts about opportunities that have been identified
G) Future project plans


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