Royal Woman of Amarna

Royal Woman of Amarna

discuss the object of your choice ‘Standing Statuette of Nefertiti from the Thutmose workshop at Amarna ‘ in order to support a thesis argument. I will send you The formal analysis I wrote about this paper , it will be integrated into a discussion of current scholarship relevant to my object in order to strengthen my argument. You will be discussing the importance of the Royal Woman of Amarna , why this period the woman depicted more then other periods? , what are the characteristic of woman statues? , what are the differences then other time periods in Ancient Egypt , how they were represented with their husband , family representation.
Do not summarize what is the object , it should be an argument essay.
Don’t include any images.
Be careful for the citation.The quotations should be under quotation mark and shouldn’t be used too much. Own words preferred.


1.In the light of Amarna
2.Robins, G., 1993. Women in Ancient Egypt. Harvard University Press.
3.Robins, G., 1994b. “Some Principles of Compositional Dominance and Gender Hierarchy in Egyptian Art.”
4.Dawson, Ashley N. Ms. (2012) “Reversal of Gender in Ancient Egyptian Mythology: Discovering the Secrets of Androgyny,” Oglethorpe Journal of Undergraduate Research: Vol. 1: Iss. 1, Article
5.The Royal Woman of Amarna Images of Beauty from Ancient Egypt

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