Sales Employee at Extra

this is a research project that is based on a company based in Saudi Arabia.

The company’s website “”

We need to basically analys the “sales person job” at this company.

We have basic information that you could use, this job is basically assiting customers in a good and friendly way, reach the target of sales on a monthly basis.

The tools needed are, communication skills knowing the details about what is being sold.

The Salary Bracket:

middle School graduate 3,350 SAR”Saudi Riyal”
High School graduate 3,500 SAR
Diploma (college certificate) 3,750 SAR
Bachelors (Undergraduate) 4000 SAR

Please take a look at the attached file to better understand what is needed exactly. Please answer all of the requirement in the attached document.

You MUST follow the guideline in the attached document.


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