SAP and Case Study

There are two parts to this assignment, each part requiring a separate document. You need to submit both documents.

Task 1: Case study

The case study for this report is “” on page 137 of your textbook.

You are required to use chapter 1-4 only to address and discuss the following:

  1. Document the reasons why the organisation decided to implement an ERP system
  2. Identify and discuss the key problems that occurred during the ERP implementation
    1. Explain how each of these problems should have been addressed correctly
  3. Describe the business process reengineering that the organisation adopted for their ERP implementation.
  4. Identify and discuss SDLC approach and provide recommendations for a better implementation.

Task 2:

For this part of the assignment you are required to complete the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) exercise.

Using a separate word document, you are required to keep a journal as you work through this exercise.

  • Keep a journal of your activities and your experience in learning to use SAP.
  • Take screen shots of your outputs, and occasions that you have created a new customer, etc. and have been provided with a new ID (such as on page 5).
  • On page 4 you are asked to use your three digit GBI number to replace through the document and where requested.
    • Recall that if you received a two digit GBI number then you need to remember to prefix it with a 0 (zero).
    • This GBI number is not only your login, but will identify the data you entered throughout this exercise as your own, to prevent clashes with another students work.

In the allocation of marks, your inputs in the SAP GBI database (as shown in a SAP report of your activity by User ID), your submitted journal, and SAP exercise outputs will be taken into account. Please note, no marks will be given if the SAP report generated does not produce a record of any activity by your User ID).

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