SAP in Borouge, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi

SAP in Borouge, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi
Reserch on the above topic and give a report;
The written report should collectively address questions such as:

1. Cover page (Title of your project, group members, etc.,)
2. Table of contents
3. Objective of the research paper
4. Overview and background about the company or organization that you select for investigation (including (Organizational chart, divisions, and detail description of IT department if exist)
5. What role do information systems play in company’s strategy and business model?
6. Describing the information system that they use in details, for example
o The components of information systems (inputs, process, output and feedback)
o The type of information system (TPS, MIS,DDS, or other systems)
o The targeting end users ( Top Management, Middle Management, etc.,)
o What technologies are used? (Hardware and Software)
o Show how the IT related to company’s business strategy?
o What would happen if these technologies were not available?
o How did the system benefit the business?
o How much will information systems help the company deal with its problems and compete in the industry?
o What people, organization, and technology factors were involved?

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