A central feature of the successful organization is the diagnosis of its culture, health and

performance, and the ability of the organization to adapt to change. It involves the applications

of organizational behavior and recognition of the social processes of the organization.


You are required to :


Write a short company story or legend that will reflect the culture that you, as founders, want to establish, involving different culture variables or showing the complexity of organizational culture environment.


  1. Develop a ritual and/or ceremony that will be used by your company for eternity that will strengthen the bonds between employees, and enforce your values and ethical principles. Discuss organizational language that will be specific to your company and reflect your culture to establish the three values necessary to promote a strong adaptive corporate culture.


  1. Discuss the process of socialization of new people into an organization in order to inculcate them and get them to adopt cultural norms and to the success of ethical behavior promotion.


  1. Analyze what you believe are the defining characteristics of organizational culture and using supporting examples evaluate the influence on culture on organizational performance and effectiveness.


The paper should be 4-5 pages, typed and double-spaced.


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