science fiction film

For your final project, you will develop a reading of a science fiction film not screened or discussed in class but that engages themes we addressed this semester. To assist you in developing your reading of the film, you will conduct research on the film, reviewing a range of sources from scholarly to popular. Your final project should incorporate both scholarly and popular sources into its analysis, with emphasis preferably on the former. These sources may include: scholarly essays on the film (like those we read this semester); scholarly essays on related films or science fiction in general; theoretical texts that can serve as interpretative lenses for analysis (such as how we used Plato and Baudrillard to inform our interpretation of The Matrix); reviews of the film; and/or substantive essays or posts about the film in popular media. There is no fixed number of sources required for this project, and depending on your choice of medium, how you integrate sources into your project may vary.

Write “Independence day 1996, (Roland Emmerich)” Find the resources of this movie


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