scientific article Optics nanotechnology combined to create low-cost sensor for gases

For this week’s Discussion, please read the following scientific article Optics, nanotechnology combined to create low-cost sensor for gases ( and provide an analytical, scientific response or summary to the article. I highly encourage you to do some basic research if you do not understand parts of the article or if the content seems foreign to you. Just remember that if you are doing an internet search, you want to collect reliable and credible information. Keep in mind that ANYONE can post ANYTHING on the internet that may not even be remotely factual. Also, do not plagiarize. Please cite references where applicable. In addition to your response or summary to the article, please end your response by posing a scientific question regarding the contents of the article.

In addition to your analytical, scientific response to the article, please reply to at least ONE of the scientific questions posted by your fellow classmates. You may not be able to scientifically provide the exact answers for their question, but may provide some insight, ideas, thoughts, further fundamental questions, etc. to keep the discussion interesting and moving forward. You may have knowledge from personal experience or can do some basic research to provide further information regarding the question and topic at hand.


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