selecting an area of expressive therapies/client population

SWRK 675 (Expressive Therapies)
Grading Rubric for Article Critique and Annotated Bibliography (100 pts)

Student ____________________ Date__________

Each student will select an area of expressive therapies/client population (Instructor guided) they are particularly interested in and conduct a mini lit review. As the professional literature related to the chosen area is examined an annotated bib and article critique will be completed. A minimum of 6 current articles is required for this assignment. Format for the annotated bibs should be 2 to 3 paragraphs each( begin each with the citation followed by a paragraph giving an overview of the article and a paragraph or two giving your reaction/response from a social work and a personal perspective). It is expected that you FIND AT LEAST ONE article from the Social Work literature and AT LEAST ONE article that is a research study.

Points for Annotated Bib ( 50 pts)
_____APA format for citations (latest edition)(3pts)
_____Content Quality . (30 pts)
____ at least 1 article from the research literature (3 pts)
____ at least 1 should come from the swrk literature (2pts)
____Current articles from the professional literature (no older than 2008) (2 pts)
____Organization and Development /Clarity and Style/ Sentence Structure/ Grammar & Mechanics (10 pts)

Points for Article Critique (50 pts)

ONE OF THE ARTICLES WILL BE DISCUSSED in a 2 to 3 page paper which will address the following questions:
____ 1. What was the intent or focus of the article (an overview)? (10 pts)
_____2. What makes this issue important, relevant and of interest? To whom? (5pts)
_____3. What theoretical perspectives were applied? (5 pts)
_____ 4. How does the article relate to other readings in this course? (6 pts)
_____5. What are your reactions to the article from a personal and professional perspective? (10 pts)
_____6. How were issues of cultural difference and diversity handled? (4pts)
____7. Quality of Ideas ___Organization and Development _____Clarity and Style
______Sentence Structure/ Grammar & Mechanics _________(10pts total for this area)


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