Self-Designed Teaching Presentation

Using your teaching plan from module six as a guide, along with the rubric for this assignment, develop a self-designed teaching presentation to submit in the drop box for grading and also post in this week’s discussion forum to share with your peers. You will also give this presentation to your client group (or as an in-service at work or church group etc.) and develop an evaluation form for your audience to provide you with feedback on your presentation.

Develop a 15-20 minute teaching presentation such as a power point, brochure/trifold, poster, or power point with voice over using the teaching plan from module six. Include all the following information:

Identify the Healthy People 2020 goal related to your health promotion topic.
Reflect on variant characteristics of culture within the presentation with specific consideration related to the client group to meet their learning needs.
Incorporate the 2-3 behavioral objectives that the client group will learn from the presentation.
Consider and show evidence of the learning domain as to why and how it will be utilized in the teaching presentation.
Describe and display the researched information logically with discussion on your health promotion topic in relation to the goal.
Utilize the method of instruction that was described in the teaching plan and stay within the time limit. Explain and/or justify any changes that had to be made to meet the learners’ needs.
Present the selected teaching tools used to convey the content to client group.
Identify and properly cite the evidence-based resources used for the teaching presentation.
Present evaluation methods used (post-test, observation of return demonstration).
Develop an evaluation form to be distributed at the time of the presentation to the audience to receive feedback on your performance.
Teaching presentation is well written, organized, and supported by 5 current scholarly references (within the last 5 years).
Grammar, spelling, punctuation are correct.
Conforms to APA standards for citations and reference page.


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