self-disclosure and communication comprehension

please follow the instruction carefully because this research worth more than 40% of my grade.
1. Title.
2. Abstract: at least 150 words.
3. Introduction
4. Research question. you have to post the research question in the paper. (what is the relationship between self disclosure and communication comprehension ) or if you have better idea that will be great.
5. Literature review: write as many pages as possible.
6. Hypotheses
7. Data Collection and Methodology: Discuss it as we are going to do it (hypothetically) because we are not actually going to do the research and collect the data, but we explain how we are going to collect the data. It’s like a research proposal. Results: we don’t have to do this part because we are not actually doing the research, so please don’t include it.
8. Discussion: We have to talk hypothetically about the expected results in an insight of the literature review that we included.
9. You must use scholarly sources.
Conclusion: What we are going to conclude in an insight of what we are going to find out according to the literature review.
again please follow the instructions and read the paper that I attached.
Thank you for your help and time.


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