Self-Esteem Among Special and Regular Education Students

1. The candidate will write an 8 PAGES, APA-formatted paper building upon the research question, bibliography, and outline that are submitted throughout the course. The paper must include a minimum of 10 scholarly, empirical, current sources. The paper must synthesize all of the research into a well-blended paper and must clearly address the research question using the chosen learning theory.

Research Question: What if any, are the differences in self-esteem of mentally impaired students and academically impaired students. A Comparison of Self-Esteem between Special Education and Regular Education Students. I feel there are some issues that factor into causing a student to suffer from self-esteem. I have a nephew who really struggles with self-concept/self-esteem. I was hoping to gain some insight from this research to see if there were indeed factors which affected his self-concept and learn how to deal them.

Abstract and key words:

• The purpose of this study was to compare differences in levels of self-esteem between special education students and a group of normal students. One group consisted of academically impaired students, defined as those children that have been referred for testing due to academic difficulties but receive little or no special education resource services. The other group consisted of students identified as mentally impaired meeting all criteria that was set forth by the Department of Education. The instrument used to assess the self-concept of each subject was the Piers-Harris Self-Concept Scale. The purpose was to determine which variables/factors being investigated could be used to predict self-esteem of the subjects and to compare the results with previous findings. Once mean self-concept scores were obtained, the two groups were compared to determine if there were any differences between them. Any possible differences between the two gropus were determined by using the ANOVA procedure. No significant predictors were found to affect self-concept of the subjects and there were also no significant differences found between the academically impaired and mentally impaired students.

• Some key words used in this study so the reader has a clearer understanding are:
• Self-concept and self-esteem
• Theories:
• Alfred Adler’s Theory is closely related to my topic in his theory of individual psychology, defined organ inferiority as a biologically based effect that gives rise to feelings of inadequacy. He believed that persons who were defective in some way would often try to make up for their deficiency by rigid training in order to feel better about themselves.
• Two other theories that are closely related to my topic include: Carl Rogers’ personality theory is the notion of self or self-concept, ‎Self Actualization – ‎Fully Functioning Person – ‎Personality Development – ‎Self Worth
• William James was one of the first to deal directly with the concept of self-esteem (cited in Mruk, 2007). He believed self-esteem to be a major guiding force within our lives and directly related to how successful we are in reaching our various goals (Mruk, 2007).

• The research I have completed relate to the existing theories because they all have some common ideas which involve self-esteem or self-concept. My theoretical assumptions and allegiances based on the information I have gathered is somewhat inconclusive. I feel that “labeling” is an issue which needs more research. Based on what I have encountered with my nephew, I feel “labeling” has had a negative effect on his behavior and self-esteem.

Include outline of your theoretical research paper.

Assessments and Measures

Outcome of Middle School Childrens’ self-esteem
Self-esteem/Self Concept

Special Education Students
Regular Education Students


• The amount of research that has been done seems to reveal that there is no differences in the self-esteem of special education and regular education students. However, I feel there is more research that needs to be done on “labeling.”


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