• Earley & Wheeler: chs. 14, 18, 24–27, 29
• McRaney: chs. 2, 4
• Whaley & Wheeler Workbook (2012): Week 2

Based on the material presented in this course, plan and participate in at least 2 servant evangelism projects. One or both of these should be completed in your neighborhood/”Jerusalem”. For each project, prepare a report of 1–2 pages typed, 12-point font, Times New Roman, and double spaced, explaining your creation of and participation in an activity to build relationships and eventually (intentionally) open the door to sharing Christ with a hurting world. Include how the opportunity developed, and how those being served responded; state if you were able to share your testimony or the Gospel, how will you follow up, evaluation, etc. Consult the attached grading rubric for details of what your reports should include. Keep in mind that the projects must be within the timeline of this 8-week course. The point is to develop a consistent lifestyle of servant hood that displays Christ to the world.

Be very specific in your encounters with people, and utilize the “Three P” process below:
1. P- PERSONAL: The servant evangelism encounters must be personal, face-to-face encounters done within this 8-week term.
2. P- PRACTICAL/PHYSICAL: In each of the encounters you must meet the physical needs of another individual. Even though prayer and Bible study are essential to the Christian life and growth, these are unacceptable forms of servant evangelism and do not meet the requirements of this assignment. This assignment is for you to meet the physical needs of another individual with the hopes of bridging the conversation and service to the Gospel (Matthew 25:31–46; James 2:14–20).
3. P- PENNILESS: In each of the servant evangelism encounters you may not receive money for your work. This must be a free service to those you are serving.

• Encounter qualifies according to required criteria:
o Where it occurred
o How it occurred (3 Ps)
• Report describes and analyzes encounter
• Report demonstrates student’s exercised ability to cross barriers of evangelism and share the Gospel, boldly and wisely addressing the issue of sin while still maintaining the role of a servant
• Paper is 1–2 pages
• Thoughts are logically ordered and understandable
• Paper is formatted as instructed and without spelling and grammar errorsp(1)

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