CENG 505: Writing Samples 1 & 2




Your writing samples are intended to be a space through which you are able to receive more directed feedback from me as well as showcase what you think is your strongest and most interesting work to date. All material MUST be generated after the beginning of this class – the university requires that you write NEW material for each assignment and handing in old work is considered plagiarism.

For the writing sample, you will need to submit one short story (or excerpt) of roughly three-four pages OR three poems (4 pages in length maximum).

For short story the professor wants a lot of imagery and metaphors and basically taking words or sentences like ‘ SHE MISSED HER MOM” BUT NOT SAYING THAT SHOWING IT EXAMPLE “ LIKE SHE STOOD BY THE WINDOW WAITING FOR HER MOTHER LONGING..” GET IT THAT’S HOW HE WANTS OUR SHORT STORY TO BE.



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