silent spring chapter 2

Write a 900-1,200 word rhetorical analysis of “The Obligation to Endure” by Rachel Carson. “Thinking about Content and Organization.”
Topic: This assignment is limited to “The Obligation to Endure” which is Chapter 2 of The Silent Spring
by Rachel Carson.
Audience: For this assignment, you will write for a professional and scholarly audience including
professors, college students, businessmen and businesswomen, and other researchers of your topic.
Format: Prepare your essay in MLA. Your introduction must include a thesis statement. Your thesis statement must be at the end of your introduction paragraph. Do not use first and second pronoun in your writing only third person pronoun is allowed. You must not give your own opinion. These following question must be answered in your essay.
1 who is Albert Schweitzer and why did the author mention him without introducing who he is on page 605?
2 why did the author said that DDT was released for civilian use on page 605?
3 why did the author used Rhetorical Question in her writing?
4 why did the author mention British ecologist Charles Elton on page 607?


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