Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards

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This is the ckecklist provided by my teacher. Thanks for your help!

This paper should analyze a text using at least three secondary sources. You will have a strong thesis for the paper and analyze an aspect of your chosen text. This paper should reflect a close engagement with the chosen text(s) as well as an understanding of the literary period and genre of the text. I’m looking for a paper that interprets a piece of literature alongside social, literary, political, or philosophical ideas of the time.
Paper Requirements
–This paper should be written in 12 Times New Roman. That means every single letter, number, word, whatever has to be in this font (and that includes the title).
–Your paper should be double spaced.
–You are to write a bare minimum of 4-6 full pages.
–Margins are to be no more or less than 1 inch.
–A Works Cited page is essential.
–You must cite every quote you use correctly. That means quotation marks and a parenthetical citation
–No title page is needed
–Please have Your Name, The Date, and nothing else, at the top of your paper. Double space between each one.
–Please have a title that announces to the reader what the paper is ab
out. Be creative.
–You need to have at least one paragraph break per page. Do not have a paragraph that goes on for a page or more. However, do not have 3 or more paragraph breaks in one page of written text.
–Do not ask rhetorical questions. The purpose of this paper is for you to provide an interpretation of the stories, not to ask the reader questions (why would you ask a question that you will answer?).
–No contractions. This is a formal writing assignment, and so you should write in a formal style that would be acceptable to others in an scholarly/academic environment. You need practice in formal writing, and this is an assignment that will give you practice.
–Do not have long unnecessary block quotes from either your research or the stories. Cite the crucial part. Remember that for every quote you use you have to spend time either analyzing it or explaining to the reader what the quote means in terms of your argument.
–The title of books should be underlined or italicized. I will take off 2 points for every time you fail to do this correctly. You do not need to reference the titles of essays and books, just use the scholar’s name.

–Use this section as a checklist before you turn in your paper.

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