Smoking and tobacco use

All the groups will work on the topics decided by them. They will prepare a report that will highlight the following factors;

1. The content of the project should be as follows;
a. Title–The title is a short statement that tells the subject of your paper.

b. Introduction –That introduces the topic and tells the reader what your paper will be about.

c. Body – The body includes headings and the text that goes with them. The body is the longest part of the paper, usually several pages.

• Review of previous researches (research has been done in the same area) (from various recourses) minimum 8 and maximum 12.
• Each team member will summarize with in-text citation and end of references
• A general conclusion of the chosen researches

d. Conclusion- The conclusion tells the reader what you have learned about the topic or summarizes your point of view.

• General conclusion about the topic with opinions

e. References

2. The project should consist of minimum 6 pages excluding the cover page, table of contents and references. You will use font “size 12” in “Times New Roman style “and the space between lines should be “1.5”.

3. The softcopy of the project including the PowerPoint Presentation will be submitted
4. The groups will make PowerPoint Presentation (in addition to the text copy they will submit) to present their work to the class and other members of the class will criticize and make contributions too.

5. Each group will be given 7 minutes for presentation 3 minutes will be question answer session (total 10 minutes per group).

6. Every member of the group should present a part of the work and all members must be present during the presentation to respond to questions from their peer. If absent the University’s attendance policy will be strictly implemented (you will submit proof of absence to the registration).

7. While preparing and submitting the project the group members should bear in mind the University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

8. Make sure that you use “in-text citation” (direct quote &indirect quote) wherever required. Even if you use in-text citation you have to write the “end references” (APA style).

9. Even if you paraphrase the material you have to give it “references” (APA style). Avoid direct quoting more than 50 words. If the information is large please paraphrase or summarize the information.

10. Please choose a group representative for the group who meet the instructor on a weekly basis to update the progress of work. The group representative will work as the coordinator between the students and the group. Also if the group members have doubts they can contact the instructor during office hours.

11. Groups of 4-5 students will work together to accomplish this project work.

12. Each group will choose one of the topics from the below list.

13. All submitted papers will run through Turnitin system to detect plagiarism. In ADU we have 0% tolerance for the plagiarism, hence it is advised to all the groups to make sure any content taken from external sources like books, magazines, websites, brochures etc. should be referred through APA style.

14. Students should use the APA style to format the report, such as indentation, font type and size, the organization (Title page, Table of contents, abstract/summary… so on) and referencing mainly. Please refer to the APA style presentation in the blackboard.

Each group will write a report on a separate topic and topics will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


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