First, You need to choose one of them 5 subjects.
And make sure to includ a list of references, presented accurately.

1)Read some up-date studies on social dialects in English and compare the findings with trudgill’a finding of 30 yeasr ago. Are Trudgill’s conclusions still valid?

2) Explain the differences in viewpoint between linguists of the ‘Language as Instinct’ school and those of the’ Laguage as Myth’ school. Which side do you favour? Use examples from more than one language to illustrate your views.

3) In 2010 Nicholas Olstet wrote; ‘ it is impossible for those who have consciously learned a language to establish a new dialect of it’ . Do you agree?

4) David Crystal has described English as a new diglossic language. Discuss this suggestion by comparing English with a long-standing diglossic language. 

5) The Observer newspaper in June 2012, referring to the work of the linguist Judith Baxter, reported that English-speaking women in business meetings were ‘ four times more likely than men to be self-deprecating, use humour, and speak indirectly or apologetically’ What evidence is there to support this claim? Discuss at least one other language in your answer.

Consider the point:
write essay you should include in the essay 
1) answer the question is the most important
2) simplistic remark / 
3)make a point / 
4)give evidence example / 
5)credit for using other Language.
6) Hartvord bibliography in the crroct way.
7) front 12 spice 1:5


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