social and economic study of pvc plant

Here is the points to do the study on:

Social and Economic Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Evaluation of potential benefits/effects/outcomes of the plant with respect to the local…

Ø Demography
Ø Housing
Ø Personal wealth and lifestyle Ø Social infrastructure
Ø Health, crime, and mortality

Economic Sustainability

Evaluation of potential benefits/effects/outcomes of the plant with respect to the local…

Ø Supply and demand of raw materials and product
ü What are the past, existing and future supply and demand of the raw materials and product?
Ø Employment and employability

ü New jobs and displacement of existing jobs? ü Demography of the labour market?

Ø Existing and future economic activity

ü How does the ‘project’ affect existing and future development of commercial, industrial and agricultural activities?


The details of the plant location:


Plant Location

There are several items to consider when choosing a location for the PVC plant. These items include:

Raw materials – Being close to the raw materials minimises the cost for transportation and the lead time taken to receive the feedstock.

Cost of Land – Minimising the cost of land increases the final profit margin of PVC and reduces the cost of living for the labourers.

Accessibility – Good and nearby transportation links means that the plant is easily accessible to labourers and transportation of materials and utilities.

Health and Safety – Being relativity far from a city centre or highly populated region means that in the case of leak or health hazard emergency, the civilian population are not at risk of being affected and are safe.

The items mentioned above were the basis used to choose the location of the PVC plant. The group decided that the plant will be located in Ellesmere Port as it ticks all the boxes in the criteria.

7Chemical Engineering Design Project Phase 1 Report – Team Bakerloo

Raw Materials – Chlorine and ethylene are the raw materials that will be imported to the plant. Within England, there is only one industrial company that supplies large amounts of chlorine. The company is called Ineos Chlor and they are based in Runcorn which is only 13 miles away from the location of the PVC plant. Essar Oil Ltd which is part of the shell global group have a refinery based in Stanlow which is also in Ellesmere Port.

Cost of Land – The cost of land in Ellesmere Port is very stable and doesn’t fluctuate as the years go by where the cost of land further down south can be very expensive and fluctuates heavily depending on the economy at the time. Doing a basic search on google, the group found that the cost of land in Ellesmere Port is relatively cheap and ranges between £200,000 and £300,000 per square hectare where the cost of land further down south is significantly steeper and ranges between £400,000 and £3,000,000 per square hectare. According to Numbeo; which is website online that compares the cost of living of areas in the UK, the rent alone in Cheshire is 69.81% lower than in London.

Accessibility – The plant is located just off the M53 between junction 9 and 10 and the nearest train station; Ellesmere port is just a 20 minute walk away making the plant very accessible for both the labourers and transporters of the feedstock and utilities.

Health and Safety – The plant is located on the coast of Cheshire and is relatively far away from the city centre.

 As an added bonus, the plant is located near the port therefore the PVC product can be exported easily to countries around the world where PVC is heavily used. Furthermore, universities located nearby will be of major use in the research of the production of PVC. They will be essential in the improvement of the production of PVC.


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