Social Marketing Plan

Social Marketing Plan
• Be critical (addressing both pros and cons)
• Backup argument by referring to social marketing models available in the Handout (Ctrl + F on the pdf and you can find these instantly), including and not limited to:
o Theory of planned behaviour
o Behavioural Perspective Model (BHM)
o Marketing Operant Response Framework (MORF)
o The Operant Learning model
o The 3 term contingency

• To reference the text from the hand-out use (Handout, 2013) and in the bibliography section just place “Handout 2013”.
• You must use Harvard referencing system.
• Word count is 3,000. This does NOT include bibliography, tables and figures.
Download Link
Use this link to download the Handout and the essay article below:
1. Select a geographical location that you know well and, on the basis of local news coverage, identify a specific social problem or issue that is currently topical
I suggest United Kingdom and any the following topics (but you are free to choose wherever and whatever you have more critical insight):
i. Economy(e.g. unemployment, gender, education, ethnicity)
ii. Disorganisation (i.e. neighbourhoods and gangs)
iii. Inequality (e.g. Race, Class, Gender)
iv. Media (How it is selective and not objective)
2. Drawing upon appropriate tools and concepts from the module, together with your own review of the literature, develop an intervention programme aimed at addressing your target problem/issue

3. Document your proposed intervention programme in a formal Social Marketing Plan

The “ten steps” to successful social marketing planning discussed in the following text may be a useful starting point:
Kotler, P. & Lee, N.R. (2008). Social Marketing: Influencing Behaviors for Good, 3rd Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA
Here is the link for this book LINK CLICK HERE


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