Social Media Posting Strategies

Now that you have prepped your social media marketing strategy, it’s time to put it into a calendar structure. Utilizing your talking points from 5.1 & your Facebook posts from 9.1, you are going to build out a series of social media releases utilizing Hootsuite or similar software. Ideally you will have 3 posts per week over a 3 month span, with a total of 36-40 posts. These posts should be geared towards three different social media platforms, but ideally include Facebook & Twitter.
The first month postings should be the build up to your campaign release. This will be an effort to get your audience used to the themes and other elements you have identified as marketable elements.
The second months of postings are specifically for your crowdfunding campaign launch. They will act as reminders for your campaign as it moves to its final crowdfunding day.
The third month of postings should keep your audience involved after your crowdfunding has finished up.
The purpose of this assignment is to build out a backbone for your postings. Of course these shouldn’t be the only posts you make but they should be your starting point. You may need to adapt them as you go forward & respond to your audience.
If you use Hootsuite, or a similar software suite, you can take screen shots of your preloaded release calendar & email that to me.


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