Social Network Analysis Platform/Framework (Tools and methods)

1. Brief title for your proposed programme of research
Social Network Analysis Platform/Framework (Tools and methods)
Ph.D. Computer Science

2. Research Project Background
Social Networks (SNs) such as Twitter, Facebook Myspace, Weblogs and Wikis offer users the ability to instantly share information. The analysis of this information pose a number of challenges given the volume, velocity and variety of the data produced. At same time, plenty of opportunities of early detection of events through the use of SNs Data.

– Introduce the topic area.
– Why is this research important?
– What is the exact research question you are going to investigate?
– Highlight past research in the area with pros and cons.
– How will your research will add to knowledge in this area?
– Highlight the novelty of your research question.

(((( 2012 – upto to date .. References. ))))
i will upload 2 papers to use it .

3. Research Project Objectives

– Literature 
– Design framework an architectures and propagation 
– Addressing temporal (time) and spatial information (location) analysis 
– Event Detection methods and tools… 
– Build an enough data set (how big is enough)
– Evaluation of the methods and tools
– Writing up the thesis …


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