sociology and health


1. You will identify a vulnerable member or group whose situation requires working together with external agencies.

2. Remember that the point here of working together with external agencies is to support the welfare of the vulnerable individual or group, and to achieve this worthwhile goal there will be challenges you should seek to identify and discuss.

3. Consider how the situation was managed, drawing on your understanding of relevant theories on leadership and management.

4. For a good grade, consider the effectiveness of the leadership/management strategies used within the team to support the welfare of the vulnerable individual or group. This requires you to revisit aspects of theories or models of leadership/management you investigated during your presentation.

5. You are expected to use a minimum of 12 sources to support your paper. Lecture BREO notes will NOT count as part of the minimum sources required: you are therefore encouraged to carry out wider reading.

6. No more than 5 –10% of your paper should be in the form of quotations.

7. Poor referencing and/or bad academic practice will be reflected within your overall grade.


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